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01 August 2013

Week 87: Another Week Gone. They Go By so Fast Nowadays :S

Well family, another week gone. They go by so fast nowadays... :S

Mom - Well... it's been an interesting first week as AP, but I'm sure it'll start to feel more normal soon haha… Anyway, it's been fun, and Elder Mello is great. But I'm glad you have been having fun in Yellowstone! It looks like it's a good time of the year to go, so I'm glad you're enjoying yourselves up there. :)
Dad - Well I'm glad the garden is doing well! Honestly I didn't realize how great of a blessing that really is to have a garden, and one of my goals for when I get home will be to help out with that more, and then to have my own once I can. I need to stay busy though, with whatever I can. That's pretty much the main goal for me I think.
Celebrating E. Ortiz' 1 yr Mark
E. Caballero, E. Ortiz, E. Gardner
Anyway, before I write anything else, I do want to clarify that the rules for email have changed, and it's a lot more open now to family and friends, so pretty much anyone can email me now if they want. :)

But yeah, so it was a pretty good week. Kind of weird just because we had training meetings all over the island on Wednesday and Thursday, and all the missionaries that I've known for a while were all asking me what it's like and how it's been since I got the assignment and stuff, and it was just kind of weird. But the meetings went really well and I liked them a lot!

We're also having a great time teaching our investigators. There's a guy getting baptized this weekend, and he's really cool! There's also this other lady who is going to get baptized on Sunday, and they're both progressing super well and they're pretty ready I think. :) But one of the best pieces of news I heard came from Guayanilla. Elder Hammer, my trainer, is finishing out his mission and training a new missionary down there for his last transfer, and he told me about one of the people that I had taught there... he's now the EQP!!! :) I was SO happy to hear that. :) 

But yeah, so other than that, not too much going on in the life of Elder Gardner. Hopefully we'll be trading out our Corolla this week for a new Chevy Cruze! (It's crazy how much things are changing since the Hastening the Work of Salvation Broadcast.) All missions are now going to use the Chevy Cruze.  Also, the iPads are going to be coming out soon. President has ours and is configuring it right now, so we'll get it soon I think. Anyway, I love you all so much, and it's always great to hear from you. :) No pics this week because of the computer, but I'll try next week! :) Anyway, love you all so much!!!

With love,

Elder Kimball Ray Gardner

Puerto Rico San Juan Mission

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