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25 June 2013

Week 82: Farewell, President Alvarado!

Well, this was an emotional week for the mission, but I'll get there in a second.

Mom - Well it sounds like you had a pretty good week. :) I think it'd be cool if you started working again, and I think you'd enjoy it.  Hehe. Anyway, I hope that all works out okay. And good luck with the white water rafting! It's really, really fun, but be careful!
Dad - Haha well it sounds like you had quite the experience there… I hope it went okay! And it's great to hear that the garden is doing well. :) I wish I would have helped more with that in the past rather than being a lazy bum… I'm sorry. And sweet, a new flag pole! Is it stronger?
Farewell to the Alvarado Family
Anyway, this week was pretty crazy. The Zone was really blessed and we had some stellar results. It was fantastic. 

Also, on Saturday, Elder Caballero and I witnessed a very intense car crash. This car was parked next to a freeway exit (I don't know why) and this drunk guy just came up right behind her and slammed into the back of her car, sending her flying OUT of her car and landing on the ground. Another car then came and hit the drunk guy's car from behind. We pulled over and went to help, but we couldn't do much. The medics got there pretty quick, and they got the lady out of there. The drunk guy was just out of it, and they took care of him, and the other guy was shaken up, but safe. it was intense. 

On Sunday, we met as a mission and watched the Hastening the Work of Salvation broadcast from the Marriott Center, and that was really cool! We learned a lot of things from that, and it was all really missionary oriented. It was great. :) Did you have the chance to watch it? If not, you should!
And then yesterday, we had a farewell P-day for the Alvarados, which is why I didn't write yesterday (sorry!) But they gave us time to do that today. Anyway, yesterday we went to El Morro, the number 1 tourist place in PR, and had a blast! It was great. :) I'll send the pics next week 'cause I'm out of time, but Sis. Alvarado sent us some that I'll forward. It was a lot of fun. :) And then we ended with a very emotional farewell devotional. Very powerful.

Anyway, P-day's about over (it's only until 4:00 for today) and so I need to get going, but know that I love you, and thank you so much. I look forward to next Monday to hear from you, and by then, President Smartt will be at the head of our mission! Crazy. 
I love you so so much. :)

Elder Kimball Ray Gardner
Puerto Rico San Juan Mission

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