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18 June 2013

Week 81: Happy Father’s Day!

Well howdy there family!

Mom - Well thank you so much for the packages, Elder Caballero was ecstatic when he saw it. :) He was so happy, and he's still enjoying it, so thank you. :) And good luck! And haha yeah, Elder Peacock is AP right now, along with Elder Mello, a Peruvian. They're pretty cool. But yeah, sounds like things are just the same old normal (besides the things that clearly aren't normal haha), and I hope you're doing good. :)
Dad - Well happy father's day yesterday! I hope it was a good day. :) Haha well no, not AP (thank goodness), still trying to keep my head above water as a zone leader haha... whew! But thank you for sending the password stuff for BYU. As I read through the website and stuff, I discovered that it would probably just be easier for you to take care of it and ask me questions via email on what needs to be done.

So… a pretty crazy week. We had the lovely privilege of driving all over the San Juan Zone to mark all the missionary apartments and chapels in the stake on Pres. Smartt's new GPS. Great. The AP's had done it before, but the GPS got robbed from them haha… so… we were lucky enough to drive all over the place this weekend and remark all the places haha… great, right?

Besides that, we got to do tradeoffs in Fajardo this week, and that was pretty cool! Fajardo's really awesome and reminds me a lot of Guayanilla, but a bit bigger. I really liked that day. :)

Other than that, we had a good week in our area, and taught some good lessons. Nothing too out of the ordinary happened. We found some really cool new investigators, and they're going to progress a lot!! Also, Francisco, our recent convert, is going to get a calling!!!! He didn't know he wasn't supposed to tell us, so he let it slip that he's going to be the 1st counselor in the Young Men!!! I was sooo happy!! :) :) <-- see? :) Haha anyway, that was great, and he's just progressing so much, going to institute and all the activities and stuff. Good times. :)

So yeah, that was the week. I did get a picture with a starfish that some investigators caught, so I'll send that to ya. I need to take more pictures I think. :S Sorry! But anyways, sorry for the short letter, but I hope you're doing great! I love you all and look forward to hearing from you next week. :)


Elder Kimball Ray Gardner

Puerto Rico San Juan Mission

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