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03 June 2013

Week 79: 6 for the Books that We Call Sticks!

Well Mom, thanks for rubbing it in my face all the great movies that are coming out! Goodness! ;) Haha just kidding... kind of. But no, I've seen the poster for After Earth here in Santurce and looks way cool! We'll definitely be having some movie marathons when I get back haha... that's for sure. Wow. I also miss hamburgers and barbeques, so thanks for that also, and... yeah! I'm just giving you a hard time though, I'm glad you're doing well! :)
Dad - Haha well I'm glad you're showing everyone that you can lead music now, I got a good laugh out of that haha.. and sounds great, I'll be watching for it!

Anyway, a crazy week! On Tuesday we had our interviews, and I had a really good one with President, and at the end he gave me a big big hug and then said "I had to tell you that I loved you before I dropped this rock on you. Are you ready?" I just froze and said "sure." He opened up the transfer board and then moved mine and Elder Caballero's pictures to the top of what said "San Juan" and then took down the "Metro" word and told me that the Metro zone was no more, and that the San Juan and Metro zones were once more reunited. So now instead of 7 companionships and 2 districts, it's now 17 companionships and 6 districts that we are to worry about. I was a bit overwhelmed, but also excited to work with some new missionaries and everything. :)

Besides that, we had a crazy experience last night. There was a companionship of sisters that wasn't answering their phone to report numbers, and so President told us to go to their house and see if they were still doing okay. That was weird to me, but we went, and we got there and there were a couple of members there also. So under their supervision we hopped the fence and knocked on the doors and scared them to death! I felt so bad for them haha... but we got the numbers and then raced back to the office. An adventurous night, and I didn't get to bed until late haha... fun stuff. :)

Anyway, besides that, we had some good lessons this week, and Francisco just keeps on growing up! He's great, and I'm so blessed to have been able to work with him and get to know him. :)

So yeah, that's the week, and I'm really tired haha... but happy. :)  I love you!!

Con mucho amor

Elder Kimball Ray Gardner

Puerto Rico San Juan Mission

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