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30 May 2013

Week 78: Memorial Day

Well, it's been an interesting day haha... I'll get to it in a sec.

Mom - Well it sounds like you're still in "la brega" as people here say. I hope it all starts working out better. I'm glad you had a good bike ride. Is that all it is? I could ride that easy haha... not kidding either. That's like an average for a daily bike ride. That's great though, and it'll be a lot of fun to ride next spring, right? :)
Dad - Well lookie there, you did it! You're out from underneath the wheel! (long story - a parable by Pres. Alvarado) Well I bet you'll love that new calling, and I think it's fitting. A nice break for you until your next big calling ;) Hehe well good luck with that and with everything you're doing!

Anyway, today was different. We started with a meeting in the mission office with Elder J. Devn Cornish from the area presidency. That was pretty good, and then we had a short Mission Leaders'  Council with him for about an hour and a half, and then P-day! Crazy. So yeah, that was the morning, and the week was pretty good I think. Francisco was successfully confirmed, so no worries there. He's doing fantastic and progressing great - he wants to serve a mission, so that's awesome. We're working with him to get him all ready for that haha… so yeah. Besides that we're teaching a few other people who could be getting baptized here shortly also!!

Not much to say... I'm really tired (not much sleep last night) so... yeah. Hard to focus right now, and I'm still in my suit because we're locked out of our house. Ugh. Anyway, yeah, that's about it. Still smiling and happy. :)

I love you all so much, and I'm sorry it's a short email. Hard to think that it's already Memorial Day. Yikes. We'll hit the year and a half mark on Thursday. Congrats, right? Wow. Next week you'll get the year and a half picture. I feel like I just sent the year picture. Oh, speaking of, Mom, if you could email me a copy of the picture you took of me in front of the Provo temple the day I went to the MTC? I'd like to print it and put it in my journal. :)
Well, I love you family, and I pray for you always. I hope you're all doing great, and that you have a happy Memorial Day. Love and hugs and lots of rainy sunshine from Puerto Rico! :)  

Elder Kimball Ray Gardner
Puerto Rico San Juan Mission

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