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14 May 2013

Week 76: Mother's Day Accomplished

Well, it was great talking to you yesterday! I had a great time and it's hard to believe that it was the last phone call. Wow. It was a good one though. :) But yeah, I hope you had a great Mother's Day, Mom!

Mom - So I think your hair looks pretty good! I was expecting it to be a lot shorter, so at first it didn't look all that much different because in my mind I had pictured it shorter, but it looks pretty good I'd say. It looks like Elder Thomas is having a great time taming llamas in Colombia haha... and Elder Barnes looks like he's having a blast in Blanding! Oh, and the cookie looked good.
Dad - Well thanks for the letter, I like it a lot. Marilee seems a lot older, so that was a bit different for me. She sounded pretty good:)

Anyway, not much more to say after all was said last night haha... um... what else happened this week... it rained a lot. We're in May and this is the month where it always rains, so we got a little bit wet. Um... oh yeah! I forgot to tell you, on Friday we went down to Ponce for a choir performance for the Celebracion Latinoamericana, and it was scheduled for an outdoor venue. We got all set up and ready to go, and 15 minutes before we were supposed to start, it started POURING rain. So everyone left. I was pretty bummed because there were members from Guayanilla coming, but they didn't because of the rain. :( So we made that trip to Ponce for nothing pretty much. (sigh) Oh well… such is life, right? Um... what else... not much, just the baptism coming up on Sunday! That will be cool, and I'll be sure to send some pics. I don't think I took any more pictures since last week, but if I did I'll send them right now. :)

Anyway, it was great hearing from you last night, and here we go with the home stretch… hard to think about and hard to believe. Wow. But that's that, and I look forward to reading about your week next week! Love you tons and hope you have a great week!!

Con muchisimo amor,

Elder Kimball Ray Gardner
Puerto Rico San Juan Mission

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  1. I saw Elder Gardner today at Ponce, it was really cool. The activity they had for today sort of got cancelled (because it started raining right when it was about to start, so we didn't get the chance of seeing Elder Garner playing the piano or the folklore dance, or pretty much anything), but at least I saw my good friends Elder Gardner and Elder Durfee :)
    Best Missionaries Ever haha