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28 January 2013

Week 61: Oh, I'm Gonna Send Thee 10 by 10

Howdy y'all, while you're up there freezing, I'm sitting here enjoying the Caribbean winter: 70's and 80's. :) I'm sorry to hear that it's so cold, but it sounds like you're at least having fun!

Mom - Well it sounds like you had a good time dealing with the weather haha. It's interesting to think that the school district gave a snow day AND a late start. Wow! I don't think I ever got a snow day in my life! Haha And yeah, that lady (Sis. Snow) was visiting at the San Juan Stake Conference, and she took a picture of all the missionaries there to send to the moms because apparently her son doesn't send her any pics from his mission, so she was just helping out all the moms. And I must admit, it's a good thing, because this week I didn't take a single picture... :S Sorry!! I'll do better this week though.
Dad - WOW. I must say, I'm glad I don't have to drive on that nightmare that is black ice. Yikes. Sounds like you're having a good time with that ;) But that concert with George Strait sounds like it would be fun. His last tour, huh? Well I hope it was a good show, then! And at least you still have the Bushes to keep you on your toes, right?

Anyway, this week was a blur to be honest. I know we did a lot of stuff and I tried to write some of it down, and I'll try and fill you in right now. :) One fun thing we did was we rode with a bunch of professional bikers on Friday morning. There was this thing here in PR called "La Vuelta de Puerto Rico," which was a bike ride that started in San Juan and went all the way around the island in 3 days, and President (the eccentric man that he is), wanted all the missionaries that were in the pueblos they passed through to ride along with them (pretending they were going to a cita or something), so the cameras around would catch the Mormon missionaries and we'd get some exposure that way. It was a great idea, but it started at 5:30 a.m. in Old San Juan. So Elder Udall, Elder Peacock, and I, went to Santurce at 5:30 in the morning and started riding along with them! It was crazy!! They were all Americans haha, and they were all saying stuff like "Watch out boys, there's a bunch more of us," and all that jazz. One guy looked at us and in this macho voice said "Join us! We're going 155 miles! There's 450 of us! Join us!" Haha it was hysterical. We rode for a bit and people got pics and then we ate at Kasalta, this little bakery where apparently Obama ate when he came to PR. We actually sat at the same table (there was a plaque that said so), so that was interesting.
With Elder Udall
With Elder Peacock
On Thursday I did my first baptismal interview, and on Saturday, she was baptized! That was a cool experience. Saturday was also a wedding of two ward members, and I was asked to play the bridal march. So… I played the Bridal March. It was fun, and I'm realizing that I'm getting some good training in to go and play the piano at like a hotel or something, since I've been playing the piano so much lately haha. But that was good. Other than all that, we had a few good lessons this week, and we taught this really sweet lady named Martha. She's really open and is really receptive to the lessons. She'll definitely get baptized once she knows it's all true. :) She's great! There's also this one other lady named Juberkis I think it was, and she's really great too. We have some really great investigators - they just need to act and do their part and they'll feel the Spirit and get baptized.

Anyway, that's about it for the week, I think. I love you all lots, and pray for you always! :) I'm sending a package home just with extra stuff I don't need here, but will use when I get home. You don't need to open it at all, but if you want to you can. It's easiest if you just put the package in my room as it is for when I get home.
But yeah, I love you all very much! Have a wonderful week, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Kimball Ray Gardner
Puerto Rico San Juan Mission

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  1. Such a wonderful days, continue what you have doing and God Bless!

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