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07 January 2013

Week 58: Dia de Reyes (Sunday)

Sigh... I don't know when I'll ever have a normal Pday again. :( It's frustrating. I only have 10 minutes today to write you guys, so probably no pictures, unless I can swing some kind of miracle. Anyway, to respond firstly:

Mom - Thank you so much for sharing that post from the blog, that really touched me. Guayanilla is a great area, and it will probably end up being my favorite one. :) I can't wait to take you there when we can go exploring the island together. :) Anyway, besides that, the changes sound interesting, and I hope everything works out all right.

Dad - Well, I can say I do not miss the cold! Here it averages about 80 degrees right now, so it's pretty nice in balmy Santurce haha :) I hope you are doing great with all the changes going on. And yeah, a journal is pretty sweet, and I've been trying to keep mine going on since I started, and I've only missed like 3 days in all, so I'm doing pretty good I think. :) Anyway, I hope everything works out and things start looking up. :\

Anyway, my first week as a zone leader, and we had zone council (meeting with all the ZLs) on Thursday. It was really good, and I learned a lot, and it was a really spiritual meeting. We talked a lot about how things in the mission are changing with all the current leaders getting ready to go home, including President in 6 months, and how we have to get ready for what's coming. It was really intense, but it was really good. It helped me open my eyes up a bit as zone leader. I still have a lot to learn, but it's been a good learning experience so far, and we'll see what happens as things keep changing and moving forward. 

Besides that, Elder Peacock and I have been having a really good week, and we have had some really good lessons. Sadly, our investigators haven't really wanted to progress, and we've been having some problems with them.

Also, last night we had the closing devotional for the choir thing, and it was SO spiritual. I was seriously just left weak afterwards, and then had to come back to the office to do numbers for the week. But it was really great, and that's the reason I don't have much time today to write you, because we have to be in the mission home at 1 for an activity to close the whole choir things.  But yeah, I'm supposed to get off right now, but I may have a bit more time in the mission home, I don't know yet. But know that I love you very much and thank you for everything! Things will start looking up I'm sure, if we just trust in the Lord. 

Anyway, I love you very much, Happy 3 Kings Day, and I'll look forward to hearing from you next week. :) Love you!!!

Elder Kimball Ray Gardner
Puerto Rico San Juan Mission

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