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04 February 2013

Week 62: 10 for the 10 Commandments

This wasn't the very best week over here. Nobody is accepting the invitation to be baptized, and we didn't have anybody in church either. We have some really great investigators, but nobody who's willing to take that next step. 

However, we did have a really cool experience yesterday I want to share. We were out in Old San Juan on Saturday morning, doing a plaza cleaning with the church group (a bunch of groups were invited), and we even got a picture with Carmen Yulin, the San Juan city mayor! Big whoop. Haha anyway, after it was over, this guy called me over and introduced to me as Hno. Feliz, a less active we had been searching for for a very long time. We talked a bit, and he told us we could go by his house Sunday morning. We went yesterday with the EQP, and we taught about coming to church. He said he was going through a really hard time, losing his wife and kids (divorce) and stuff, and he just didn't want to go to church. But we were persistent, and at the end, he took a quick shower, got all dressed (suit and all!) and came to church! Afterwards, we talked, and he told me that he felt great, that he was going to buy a new triple combination, and that he would be going next week to the special Stake Conference in Trujillo. It was a really great experience, and a testimony that miracles do happen for less active members.
Besides that, we had our zone council on Friday, and a bunch of the DLs were invited. No changes, but it was interesting to see which district leaders were invited, because a lot of the ZLs now are going home soon, so some changes are on their way. Elder Durfee was there, which was cool, as well as Elder Duclos. They're both pretty great. :) Oh, and one really cool thing, remember C... and R..., from Guayanilla? They got married and baptized on Saturday!! I wasn't able to go, but I was just so happy that they came unto Christ. It was marvelous to hear about that. :)
Elder Andersen will be coming this weekend on Saturday, so that will be amazing!! He'll also be in the Stake Conference in San Juan on Sunday, so I get a nice double dose of Elder Neil L. Andersen. It will be great.
My prayers are with you. I know the Lord is mindful of you. Just know that I love you all so very much. You too stay strong and true!

With much much love and care from Puerto Rico,
Elder Kimball Ray Gardner
Puerto Rico San Juan Mission

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