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30 July 2012

Week 35: Changes, Again!

Well my goodness, it has already been 8 months. Wow. Anyway, another crazy week with a bunch of changes (when will they stop??) and I'll get to them in a bit! But it sounds like you had a pretty good week and a fun 24th of July! I hope the Batman movie was great! Haven't heard a lot about it here except that it's really cool haha. Anyway, to reply to your emails:

Mom - First off, it appears as though facebook has made some changes, judging from that picture you sent me. Goodness. But yes, feel free to update my facebook, now that you know how to use the facebook, I think that would be fine. I like that idea of making the ocean picture as that background picture, and the other one there as it is. And maybe if you could post my address, maybe I'll get a bit more mail haha, so that would be a cool idea too. So yeah! Feel free to do that, just don't make any huge changes or anything. Anyway, it sounds like it was quite the adventure taking Sunshine to Bear Lake! Whose idea was that?? Haha.. oh man, I can only imagine. But I hope you have a great birthday and anniversary in Las Vegas! Did you get the package I sent home?? I hope so, and I hope you like what's inside! :) Anyway, happy birthday Mom and have a great week. :)

Dad - That's so cool about the Dibbles! And those notes on what Elder Bowen said.. wow. Powerful. I hope they helped people, and I hope we can start seeing some change back home! And for the package... some Argentine food? I don't know if you already sent some and I just didn't get it, but maybe some of that? Um... and just whatever you want to send haha, I don't know. Cereal? Cereal would be good. :) Anything you think I'd like or you think would be useful! Oh, and if you could start watching out for BYU football updates...? I think they start later this month, and all I want are who they played, if they won, and what the score was. :) Thanks!

Marilee - I will write you separately :)

Anyway, so another crazy week, like I said. Wow. It started out normal enough, and Elder Mangelson and I were contacting a bunch and actually finding some cool people. We taught a cool investigator last Monday, and she's the friend of a member in the ward. It was a good lesson, and I think she can definitely progress! The crazy stuff happened on Thursday. Elder Mangelson had a meeting up in Bayamon for the district leaders, and Elder Lopez from Ponce came to work in Guayanilla with me. That wasn't crazy, that was normal. We had a pretty good day, and picked up a former investigator again and taught a SWEET first lesson with a man named Ishmael and his wife. It was a GREAT lesson. It was afterwards that the craziness started haha... I get a call from Elder Mangelson saying that he needs us back at the apartment because he needs to pack his stuff. He's been transferred to Mayaguez to train. What?? So we go back, and he gets all packed, but now Elder Lopez needs to go back to Ponce, so the ZLs come to pick him up, leaving me with Elder Mangelson and his new companion. So they take me to Yauco with the Yauco elders and leave me with them, and Elder Mangelson leaves to Mayaguez. So since then and up until now, we have been working in a trio (one of the hardest things ever, mind you), and we are covering the 2 areas once again. No district leader again, and ... GAH! Crazy! We've been running all over the place again and we have felt scattered and disorganized and stuff, but it's all good. We had a good planning session today, and so this week should be a good one!

Also, we were supposed to move today to a new apartment, but there's no water or electricity in the new house yet, so it may be tomorrow or Wednesday. Also, one of the senior missionaries, Sis. Whitaker, caught dengue and has been in critical condition for the past couple of days. We've been praying and fasting for her, and she is doing better, but still not feeling too good. Scary stuff.

Anyway, we have a few good investigators who are really progressing or who have some really good potential. Yesterday we visited a younger guy named Josue with the bishop, and he could really progress. He has a desire to learn about God and to fix his life around. He's great! Also, in Guanica, we're still trying to make progress with Eric, and trying to help him, and there's 2 brothers in Yauco that we're teaching right now that have a sincere desire to learn and do what is right. Jose, one of them, came to church yesterday, so that was good (in Yauco). Jonathan, his brother did not though. :( OH! That reminds me! I gave my first talk as a missionary here yesterday in Guayanilla. :) I spoke on how to prepare for a temple, and talked about the principles behind each law that is learned in the temple, namely the Laws of Obedience, Sacrifice, Chastity, and Consecration, and applied it to missionary work. I think it went alright. Anyway, besides that, we just work hard and do our best to help people come unto Christ. We have a lot to do this week, and a lot of people to visit, and even though it's a bit difficult to work in a trio, the work will still progress!

I love you so very much my family, and I hope you are all doing great! July is just about over, and now we begin August. I remember this time last year I started working at Kohl's and I was just so anxious to leave, and now I'm here in Guayanilla helping the Lord's Kingdom to grow! Mom, I hope you have a super happy birthday tomorrow, and a great time in Vegas! I love you all so much! I look forward to next week!

With much love,

Elder Kimball Ray Gardner

Puerto Rico San Juan Mission

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