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23 July 2012

Week 34: Plenty of Work to Do

Well family, it has been quite the week, and it has really flown by! There have been some more changes haha, and I'll get to that in a second.

Mom - First off... WHAT in the world happened to Sunshine??? My goodness!! Poor dog!! That parade looks like it was great, though. I bet is really cool to see all those kids there! Thank you for the pictures, and I did get the one with Marilee in the garden haha... funny funny Mom! Sounds like you're really enjoying facebook now! And we didn't have a district leader until just recently, and I'll get to that in a second.

Dad - I got the package with the insect repellent and stuff! And thank you for the two new tie clips, those are great! I love them, thank you. Also, I don't know if you sent a package before this one with Argentine food or whatever, but if you did I didn't get it. So.. yeah. But thank you so so much for this one, I am definitely enjoying the gummy candy! And thank you for doing that for AOL. And Michael Watson is going to Taiwan? Wow! That's pretty sweet, he'll do great there.
Marilee - Also by the way, thank you for the picture of Rex! I love it! And I already wrote you back. :)

Anyway, so it's been kind of a crazy week! What President said about being a leader hit me hard too, and Elder Durfee and I worked hard this week to be exactly obedient and to do an extra hour of study and everything. We were really really busy, and we visited with investigators in all 4 pueblos of Guanica, Yauco, Guayanilla, and Peñuelas. It's been crazy! We didn't have a boring moment during the week all week, and we've been seeing the blessings of the Lord start to come.
The members are starting to care more about us and trust us, and we're really working to gain back that trust from them. Anyway, this week was pretty crazy, and on Saturday, Elder Durfee and I were in Ponce with Felipe, the High Councilor of the Stake over missionary work, because Saturday was Elder Durfee's birthday, and Felipe took us out to lunch at Ponderosa Steakhouse. :) It was great!
During that time though, we also got a call from Sis. Stecker, one of the office missionaries, and she was wondering if we could go open the apartment up, because there were two missionaries there waiting to be let in. Then who should be on the phone but... Elder Mangelson! He and Elder Morrison returned after 12 long days (especially for them, because they had been living on 3 changes of clothes for the whole time), and so they are back!

Elder Mangelson and I are now companions again in Guayanilla and Peñuelas, and working hard to help this area grow, and he is the district leader again. Elder Morrison is back with Elder Durfee in Yauco and Guanica, and we also received news that we are moving to a new apartment, probably next P-day. I don't know how that will work yet, so I don't know what will happen with emailing and whatever, but.. yeah. Poor Elder Mangelson just had the worst time haha... I guess he got a cold sore, his shoes broke, his socks wore through, he crashed the mission van, got sick and was throwing up in the mission office, and didn't talk with President until last Friday. Anyway, those two had a pretty rough time, but we are now all together again! And according to them, President said that he's moving us into the nicest apartment in the mission, and that it's basically a palace. We'll see next week when it happens.

Anyway, besides that, this week was pretty good, and I have really loved my time with Elder Durfee. We learned a lot together, and I was really enjoying being companions with him. He's a great missionary! We visited Eric and Erica, investigators in Guanica, and we picked up a few new investigators, one being the sister of a less active member! It was just a good week overall, and I'll miss being his companion. But yesterday Elder Mangelson and I had some success, we contacted some cool people, and I am sure that with some faith, we will be able to really help this area grow. Especially since Bishop wants Peñuelas to have its own branch.

Anyway, a lot happened this week, but it was really all a blur. There was a lot of teaching and a lot of work, and I have been learning and growing a lot. Thank you so much for all you do. :) You are so great, and I hope you are all doing well! I pray for you always!!

Con muchísimo amor,
Elder Kimball Ray Gardner
Puerto Rico San Juan Mission

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