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09 April 2012

Week 19: General Conference

Well, another week has come and gone, and this time we got to watch conference! I must say, I got so much more out of this conference than ever before. It was really great.  But first off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Yesterday was your birthday, and I did remember. :) I hope you had a good birthday and that you're having a great time in California. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARILEE! Your birthday is in a couple of days, and like I said in the email I wrote you, I'll be wearing purple for you that day! :)

Anyway, last Monday, we did all our P-day stuff, and then went and played some basketball. It was SO hot that day, more hot than usual, and so we didn't play for too long haha. Then we cleaned the house, and then Elder Hammer and I went out and did some work. We contacted for a bit, and then went to the Gonzalez' for dinner.
Tuesday, we once again did quite a bit of contacting. Oh, and by the way, it rained literally a TON this week. I swear, if it would rain for a couple of days as much as it rains here for one day, it would end the droughts in the western states in no time. There are some days that we were seriously driving through a river. And it's supposed to be the dry season! Anyway, so we did a lot of walking in the rain this week, and passed by a few people, but weren't able to teach any investigators or anything. :\ We did go out with the bishopric that night though, and visited some less active members, which was really pretty cool.

On Wednesday, after studies, we did some service again for an investigator of the Zone Leaders. That was pretty fun, and we chopped down a huge tree with machetes haha. I'll try and send pictures if I have time. Then we contacted for the afternoon, and then ate at the Sanabria's. I love Puerto Rican food. Seriously, it is some pretty good food. Thursday was a little bit better lesson wise. We still contacted a bunch, and it was raining again, but we were able to teach Oscar Perez, and answer some of his questions. It was a good little visit, and I think he's making some progress. We'll see where that goes.

Friday followed the same basic pattern, and we pretty much just contacted all day to reach our Foundation before Conference (or we couldn't go). So that was stressful, but it was good. And so that brings me to Saturday and Sunday! The Super Bowl of the Mission, and All-Star Weekend.... General Conference. It was great! We went to the Caguas Stake Center to watch it with our Zone, and it was good. There was a room set apart just for the English speakers, so we were able to watch it even in English. :) And I know that you haven't yet seen it, but I must say that it was a very good conference. I'd like to share a couple impressions I had.

First, the family must be even more under attack now than ever, because the basic theme for the conference was about families and parenting. There were a ton of talks given about how to keep our families strong, and also how parents can raise their children in more righteousness. There were also a couple of talks given about forgiving others when they trespass against us, and to not hold grudges, which were really good.

Also, it seemed to me like the end is drawing even nearer. I don't know why, but when Pres. Monson first stood up and talked, it seemed like he was warning us even more about the impending end of our world. Also, Elder Holland in his talk said straight out "the end is near." So just some thoughts, but to me it seems like the end is drawing nearer and nearer, and will be here faster than we believe. And by the way, I missed sitting with you all and watching it together, especially during the Priesthood Session when I should have been there with Dad. But it was still great. :)

And that basically brings us to today. We had a mini-zone council to talk about Foundation, and then had weekly planning, and then came out to email. The university was closed, so we had to come to a library, but it all worked out.

But that's basically the week. General Conference was really great, and I hope you will take the time to watch it together as a family, since that, like I said, seemed to be the main emphasis of this conference. You will enjoy it, and I know that by listening to the prophet's voice, we can all be blessed. Thank you for your love and support, and I hope that all is well. Have a great time in California!! Send me pictures! I'd love to see how you're all doing, and what you did while in California. :) I love you much, and pray for you always. Thank you so much again for your support and for all you do. And have a happy Easter this Sunday! I will miss you that day, but I hope you have a great Easter. :)

With more love than you can imagine,
Elder Kimball Ray Gardner
Puerto Rico San Juan Mission

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