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16 September 2013

Week 94: Time Keeps Flying!

Well this week just kind of flew by, and I don't really remember much haha…
Mom - It sounds like you're having success in your canning exploits! Besides injuring yourself, of course. I bet Marilee just loves riding the horses. Anyway, I hope you are doing great!
Dad - When you talk about rain and it being mid 80's, you're describing what it's like here every day haha.. we got pretty soaked one day this last week. I mean, drenched. It was great. Then the sun came out. Ugh. That's really cool though, about what you said in Priesthood, and it's so true! And I will definitely look forward to letters from Marilee! I'll finally get mail!!! ;) Anyway, just let me know about everything with BYU and classes and stuff!
With Hato Rey members.
Well... another fast week. Like I said, one day we got drenched in a downpour. That was great. 

We also moved today, and are now living in Guaynabo instead of Bayamon. That helps a lot, since now we are in our area. Other than that, we had some cool experiences this week, and there was one kind of crazy one haha. We went to go visit this less-active in an urb, and he lives in an apartment behind this house, and the owners pretty much abhor Mormons, and so when we get there, this lady comes out and we nicely ask if the less-active is there. She yells "NO!" and so we're just a bit startled and so we ask again, and she just starts throwing a fit and tells us to get off her property. So we get off her driveway and onto the sidewalk, and say "this is public property, we can stand here." She didn't like that at all, but there wasn't much she could do, so we call the less-active and he's there and so he comes out, but while we're waiting, she sprays my companion with a hose! She was watering her grass, but she made a point to spray him a bit with the hose. I was standing a little bit behind him, so I missed it, but he just turned to me and said "well that's a first". I just laughed. :) It was a fun experience, and we had a great time with the less-active, and he's showing signs of progress.

Besides that, we were able to have a few good lessons with investigators and other less-actives, and had some cool experiences in a caserio and also playing basketball. In all, it was a pretty good week I think. :) Lots of fun, and being a missionary is a blast!
I do bear testimony of the Plan of Salvation, and I know that God has a plan for us. He loves us and wants us to have success in this life. He wants us to be happy, and in this life we're supposed to be happy. I know that true joy and peace comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ and applying the Atonement. He lives and loves us. I know that.

Anyway, I hope you're all doing great! I love you so much and look forward to hearing from you next week.


Elder Kimball Ray Gardner

Puerto Rico San Juan Mission

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