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30 April 2013

Week 74: 7 for the Prayers We Send Up to Heaven

Well my dearest family, I am so thankful to hear good things coming our way. I like it that’s in spring, when light comes back into the world, and things feel great again. Winter is always a hard time in my opinion. It always was for me. It's just all dark and cold... that's one reason I love Puerto Rico so much, it's never dark and cold. 

This week the mission got like 20 new missionaries or so, and I was put in charge of a training meeting for the trainers, so that was pretty intense. It went well though, and we had a good meeting. Other than that, we had some pretty good lessons with some great investigators, one of which committed to baptism for the 18th of May! He's a sweet 18 year old kid, and he gave up a baseball game to come to church on Sunday, which was sweet. Also, like I mentioned last week, there have been changes in the zone, and though I'm still in Santurce, I'm with Elder Caballero, from Panama, and Elder Durfee went down to Adjuntas. There are 4 new missionaries in our zone, 2 from the States, one new sister from Panama, and a new Elder from Colombia. It's pretty sweet, I love new missionaries. :)
With President and Sister Alvarado

Yesterday we got a flat on our car, so we have to fix that today, so that's what I'll be doing most of today haha... sitting in Pep Boys. Ugh. But yeah, that's about it!

My last Zone Conference with Pres. Alvarado tomorrow... that will be intense and sad. And unbelievable.. he's done in two months. :S Anyway, I'll let you know how that all goes. And this week I will find out where I will be skyping/calling for Mother's Day to let you know next week. :)
 I love you all so much, and my prayers are with you always. Things have to get worse before they get better. We wouldn't know joy without pain. The night is always darkest just before dawn. It always gets better when we live the Gospel. :)

With love bigger than the universe,

Elder Kimball Ray Gardner
Puerto Rico San Juan Mission

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