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04 March 2013

Week 66: 9 for the Miles we Ride Our Bikes!

Hey family! It sounds like you've been having a pretty good week, and I think it helps with the weather turning for the better, right?
Mom - Mom! Hey mom! Little by little (by small and simple things) things will keep getting better. Marilee’s  room looks great by the way! It looks very soothing to the soul. I love blue so much, because I think it's just so peaceful. That's why it's so nice here, especially when we ride past the ocean on a nice sunny day, because the ocean is a beautiful deep blue, and then the sky is its normal sky blue.
Dad - Dad! It's good to hear about the things improving, including the weather! Hopefully things will be nice and thawed in time for Easter haha. :) PR is gearing up for Holy Week again (it feels like that just barely happened), so that will be an interesting time haha. 
Marilee - HEY!! :)  Your new room looks great, including that great looking TV you got from somewhere familiar ;) Haha. And I like your llama! There aren't any here in PR but I know there are in Peru where Elder Hill is serving! However, if I see anything that has anything to do with llamas while I'm here, I'll make sure to get it for you, alright? :) Anyway, hope you are doing alright Marilee. Love you!

With Elder Durfee
Anyway, we had a great experience with a man named R... D... this week. He is SO receptive!! He is a fruit of the train contacting project, and he is just amazing. The sisters found him in the University, and he lives in Santurce. We taught him in the chapel twice this week, both times with members, and he's just so receptive to what we teach, accepts it all, and accepts him finding us as a miracle and a sign in his life that he should change. He has a baptismal date for the 23 of March, and he's set to go. He's already leaving drinking coffee and everything, and he's just so fantastic! I'm so grateful and excited to work with him!

We did have a cool experience on Sunday though, as we got off the train going to church. This guy named Mark started talking to us around the Las Lomas station, and he talked with us the whole way to Santurce, and then as we got off, he said he'd come to church with us! So he walked with us up to the chapel, and he stayed there and told us to pass by again on Tuesday! He's a pretty cool guy, but I don't know if he's really willing to hear things that aren't his opinion; but we'll definitely be passing by to see what we can do for him. He's already got a great testimony of the Atonement of Christ, so if we can help him see that His Gospel is how we can apply that Atonement in our lives, he'll come around.

We also had some other great lessons this week with investigators, such as N... A.... He and M... said they would get married, but didn't tell us a date in specific. However, they did say that they wanted it to be soon, so we're hoping for the best there! M... won't be here this week, but we're hoping to still teach N... .

A... G... also came to church this week, and we have a cita with him on Thursday. It's been a while since we've taught him, so we'll be verifying how their marriage plans are coming, and if he's been reading the Book of Mormon.

Other than that, we've been passing by some other new investigators and starting to teach them. There's a lot of potential, and a lot of great things happening in Santurce!

And PS, a fantastic coming home present for me would be a new quad of the new 2013 edition of the scriptures!!!
They look fantastic, and so (hint hint) maybe a birthday/Christmas present? I'd like it in blue and silver if you can. :) Anyway, that's not for a little while, but look into it - it looks pretty sweet!!

Anyway, love you all and I hope you're all doing well. I pray for you always!
Elder Kimball Ray Gardner
Puerto Rico San Juan Mission

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