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29 February 2012

Week 13: Got Here a Month Ago

Well my family, it's been a whole month already since I got to the field! It feels like just yesterday I was stepping off the plane and onto Puerto Rico for the first time. It's so crazy! It does not feel like it's been a month, at all.

Mom - The weather there sounds like it's been pretty interesting this year! I got a letter from the Browns yesterday and they were saying that it's been kind of a strange winter and whatnot, so that's pretty crazy. It's weird to think that the leprechaun is already up in our yard, it doesn't feel like it should be March, you know? And I can't believe Taylor is coming home already, that's so weird! It seems like he just barely left!! And I hope all is going well with Dad's work and stuff.
Dad - My John Bytheway talk was something like "Get a good Attitude" or "Have a good Attitude" or something to do with having a good attitude haha. I haven't yet mailed off my iPod, but I think I will be able to today, so watch for it in the coming week. Also, once you get it, if you could just hold it for me until I get home, that would be great. :) Thank you.That's too bad to hear about the Jazz though... :( but that's great that Jeremy Evans won the dunk contest!! I was thinking last year that he would do a good job in it. And my buddy boy Rex… I miss him too! But only 21 more months, which seems crazy right now, but I think it will go fast. Oh, and you'll have to send pictures of the Halloween stuff as it comes along!

Marilee - I'll respond to your email separately, but thanks for an email this week!!

Well, here we go. This past week was kind of a blur haha... I don't really remember much. Let's see... We weren't able to pass by our prized investigator Luis last week, but he did come to church with us, which was great! He seemed to really have a good time, and participated, and was attentive. His baptismal date was for today, but we haven't taught him about the Word of Wisdom yet, and he's a smoker, so... probably no baptism for him tonight. Anyway, I'll try and remember day by day what happened. Last Wednesday after we finished our shopping and whatnot, we went and played some basketball, which was pretty fun. :) Then we ate at a member's house, and then contacted the rest of the night.

Thursday we had service. Funny story. So some lady in Aguas Buenas, which is Elder Griffin's and Elder Martinez' area, needed her roof painted. We woke up that morning and it was raining so she called and cancelled. They left a little before us, got to Aguas Buenas, and then called us to let us know that the lady had called them and said that since it stopped raining, we could go over. They told us it would take no longer than 2 hours. We got over there at about one, and didn't get home until about seven o'clock. Crazy. But it was still pretty fun, we had a good time and it was good to do some service.

Friday through Sunday were big contacting days, and we talked to quite a few cool people, and got some return appointments for this week. We'll see how they go. Sunday, like I mentioned before, Luis came to church, and had a great time. WE still need to teach him the Word of Wisdom, and we're praying that he will accept it!

Monday, we had our District Meeting and then Weekly Planning, and then ate at Firehouse Subs, and got some Coldstone Creamery ice cream. :) I love Puerto Rico! Then we contacted, and then in the evening, went to the Gonzalez' home. And you know what they fed us? Rice, garbanzo beans, these cool plantain wraps with cheese and meat inside, and then... PIG FEET. I ate it, but it was quite interesting... The texture is like ... fat. The taste was okay, but it was just like eating fat. Not my meat of choice haha. But then we had a good FHE lesson with them.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Elder Hammer and I traveled up to Bayamon to the office for a training meeting. That's where I got the letter from the Browns. :) But we listened to the Assistants for the whole morning, and then President taught us about the Atonement. It was a really great meeting. But we didn't get home until like 4, and so we were only able to teach to one person, who has been around for a while (as far as investigation goes). We finally broke through with him and found his needs though, and taught him about repentance and baptism. He finally committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, so hopefully there's some progress there!! But after that, we basically just contacted until we went home.

And I guess that brings us to today! I will try to mail home my iPod today, so watch for it. Also, we're hoping to teach Luis and Oscar tonight, who are our two best investigators, so we're praying for some success tonight! So that's that.

But I guess that's the week for you. :) I'm trying to attach some pictures, but it's been difficult lately... I don't know what's the problem. I may have to start mailing you my pictures on a USB every month or something, I don't know. If it doesn't start working, I'll have to do that. Anyway, I miss you and love you all very much. :) Pass on my love to Rex and Sunshine! Thank you for your support and for your love. Thank you for everything that you do for me. :) You are a wonderful family, and I love you very much! I look forward to next week when I can email you all again. :)

Sending you love from Puerto Rico!


Elder Kimball Ray Gardner
Puerto Rico San Juan Mission
Alma 29:9
3 Nephi 5:13
1 Cor. 13:11
D&C 4
Joshua 1:9

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